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IN-INTAS-UV-312NM_20X20 UV-Transilluminator Wellenl?nge: 312nm Filterfl?che: 20x20cm Sichtschutz: ja 1'476,00
IN-INTAS-UV-365NM_20X20 UV-Transilluminator Wellenl?nge: 365nm Filterfl?che: 20x20cm Sichtschutz: ja 1'476,00
IN-INTAS-UV-312NM_21X26 UV-Transilluminator Wellenl?nge: 312nm Filterfl?che: 21x26cm Intensit?tenschalter: 50/100% UltraBright Technologie: ja Sichtschutz: ja 1'804,00
IN-INTAS-UV-365NM_21X26 UV-Transilluminator Wellenl?nge: 365nm Filterfl?che: 21x26cm Sichtschutz: ja 1'804,00
IN-INTAS-UV-254NM_20X20 UV-Transilluminator Wellenl?nge: 254nm Filterfl?che: 20X20cm Intensit?tenschalter: 50/100% Sichtschutz: ja 2'104,65
IN-INTAS-UV-312NM_23X30 UV-Transilluminator Wellenl?nge: 312nm Filterfl?che: 23x30cm Sichtschutz: ja 2'104,65
IN-INTAS-UV-365NM_23X30 UV-Transilluminator Wellenl?nge: 365nm Filterfl?che: 23X30cm Sichtschutz: ja 2'104,65
IN-INTAS-UV-254NM_21X26 UV-Transilluminator Wellenl?nge: 254nm Filterfl?che: 21x26cm Intensit?tenschalter: 50/100% Sichtschutz: ja 2'432,65
IN-INTAS-UV-254NM_23X30 UV-Transilluminator Wellenl?nge: 254nm Filterfl?che: 23x30cm Intensit?tenschalter: 50/100% Sichtschutz: ja 2'569,35

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Intas Science Imaging Instruments GmbH

iNTAS is manufacturing top quality imaging systems for the analysis of nucleic acids as well as proteins. Their imaging technology sets new standards in sensitivity and dynamic range. The Germany-based company became one of the leading providers of imagines systems in its home market. Besides imaging systems, iNTAS also produces the next-generation DNA-stain HDGreen.

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  • Nucleotides

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  • Intas Science Imaging Instruments GmbH

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