About abc biopply

abc biopply is the leading Swiss industrial partner specialised in the standardisation of biological components and complex cellular systems.

With 3D CoSeedis™, abc biopply sets new standards in translational cell culture technologies. We implement standardised protocols that are fulfilling regulatory requirements without jeopardising cellular behaviour. Our unique solutions are validated by experts to shorten the transition from basic to clinical research and from crude to defined experimental conditions. We support the development of standard applications and protocols, and the translation of your technology into commercial kits.

Our services include development, manufacturing, marketing, and commercialisation processes for cellular and molecular technology platforms. Our solutions fulfil the requirements of both, pharmaceutical and clinical applications.
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Translational Biomedicine

Translational Biomedicine defines the process of turning observations in the laboratory, clinic and community into inventions that improve the health of individuals and the public.

The transition from laboratory to therapy has been made more difficult in recent years due to the ever increasing gap between basic research and the requirements in clinical applications. This gap is caused by the continuously growing regulatory demands and requirements in compliance. 

Biostandardisation respects clinical requirements already at the stage of molecular research and therefore can safe years in therapeutic development. It is an imperative part in developing new treatments in the fastest way possible from bench to bedside.

Important Milestones

abc biopply ag – The leading Swiss expert in Biostandardisation

  • 2015 foundation of the company abc biopply in Solothurn.
  • 2015 - 2017 development of a unique expertise in the standardistation of biological components and translational science including establishing the necessary network and portfolio to support translational customers.
  • 2016 signing a strategic partnership with PeloBiotech, a specialist in media design and insourcing of primary cells.
  • 2016 opening of the production and development center in Cham.
  • 2016 signing a development contract for a standardised liquid biopsy kit for cancer diagnostics.
  • 2017 signing a development contract to standardise kits suitable for different applications in a new innovative bioreactor including contract manufacturing.
  • 2017 acquisition of the unique translational technology platform 3D CoSeedis™ for applied personal cancer diagnostics.

Value Propositon by workflow driven standardisation of biocomponents

Adding value by time/cost saving via:

  • Standardising biocomponents
  • Access to registration
  • Easy reimbursement
  • Enable education

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