About us

abc biopply ag is a Swiss biotech company specializing in the standardization of biological components and complex 3D cell culture systems.

With its proprietary 3D CoSeedis™ technology platform, which enables the mass production of uniquely homogeneous and uniform spheroids/organoids, the company has set a new standard in the industrial application of 3D cell culture systems.

Through the innovative possibility of distance co-cultivation of 3D tissue structures, abc biopply also offers systems for the study of complex organ-to-organ communication and also performs corresponding analyses with its 3D Lab Services on a contract basis.


Important Milestones

abc biopply ag – The leading Swiss expert in Biostandardisation

  • 2018 foundation of the company abc biopply in Solothurn.
  • 2018 acquisition of the unique translational technology platform 3D CoSeedisTM for applied and standardised cancer research and diagnostics.
  • 2018 Opening production development and training center
  • 2018 Validating portfolio as cell systems solution provider for Basic Research
  • 2019 Early access of first generation 3D CoSeedis™
  • 2019 Sign distribution contracts for CH/EU and Canada
  • 2019 Proof of Concept of 3D CoSeedis™ HCS/HTS workflos
  • 2019/2020 Letter of Intent with strategic partners in HTS/HCS
  • 2020 Proof of Concept of 3D CoSeedis™ IHC/IF applications

Value Propositon by workflow driven standardisation of complex cell culture processes

Adding value by time/cost saving via:

  • Standardised and validated protocols
  • Increased efficiency through highly reproducible 3D cell constructs
  • Intuitive and validated HTS/HCS-compatible read-outs
  • Versatile applicability through modular set-up





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