About us

abc biopply ag is a Swiss contract research organization specialized in 3D cell culture services. Its distinctive and outstanding services are characterized by the integration of its own specifically designed proprietary 3D cell culture platform 3D CoSeedis™.

We are specialists for advanced solutions in preclinical disease models and drug discovery.

The company has pioneered an unique portfolio of 3D tissue imaging and analysis assays all based on the innovative flexibility of our 3D CoSeedis™ Co-Culture System, enabling the easy and reliable generation of quantitative datasets from tissues and cells.

We offer a service that supports pharmaceutical and biotech companies to improve the predictiveness of their preclinical models and to accelerate their drug discovery efforts. Using our dedicated 3D CoSeedis™ cell culture technology we are reducing the translational gap between in vitro and in vivo studies through the use of a new level of differentiation and inter-cellular communication assays.

Since the foundation in 2018 we have worked with numerous clients to develop customised assays and/or enhancements of our 3D technology platform for the use in specific projects.

abc biopply offers a wide range of assay formats and downstream endpoints and also implements services for larger clients who wish to in-source our custom-built assays.

Important Milestones

abc biopply ag – The leading Swiss expert in Biostandardisation

  • 2018 foundation of the company abc biopply in Solothurn.
  • 2018 acquisition of the unique translational technology platform 3D CoSeedisTM for applied and standardised cancer research and diagnostics.
  • 2018 Opening production development and training center
  • 2018 Validating portfolio as cell systems solution provider for Basic Research
  • 2019 Early access of first generation 3D CoSeedis™
  • 2019 Sign distribution contracts for CH/EU and Canada
  • 2019 Proof of Concept of 3D CoSeedis™ HCS/HTS workflows
  • 2019/2020 Letter of Intent with strategic partners in HTS/HCS
  • 2020 Proof of Concept of 3D CoSeedis™ IHC/IF applications
  • 2021 Introducting first set of 3D CoSeedis™ in chip assays
  • 2021 establishing preclinical disease models for drug testing
  • 2021 First servicing contracts signed


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