About us

abc biopply is specialised in the standardisation of biological components and complex cellular systems. With 3D CoSeedis™, it is at the cutting edge of 3D cell culture technologies and defines a quantum leap in 3-dimensional ex vivo cell biology.

abc biopply is an innovative and dynamic biotech company headquartered in Solothurn with laboratory and research facilities in Cham, Switzerland.

The company was founded in 2015 with the aim to substantially improve the level of standardisation of complex cell biological processes, namely in the area of 3-dimensional cell culture technologies.

abc biopply devotes its know-how and expertise in complex cell culture technologies to define and validate standardised workflows, technologies and protocols, particularly in 3-dimensional applications.

Important Milestones

abc biopply ag – The leading Swiss expert in Biostandardisation

  • 2015 foundation of the company abc biopply in Solothurn.
  • 2015 - 2017 development of a unique expertise in the standardistation of biological components and complex cell culture technologies including the necessary network and portfolio to support customers.
  • 2016 signing a strategic partnership with PeloBiotech, a specialist in 3D cell culture technologies, media design and insourcing of primary cells.
  • 2016 opening of the production, development and training centre in Cham.
  • 2017 acquisition of the unique translational technology platform 3D CoSeedisTM for applied and standardised cancer research and diagnostics.
  • 2018 launch of first generation 3D CoSeedis™ systems in Switzerland.
  • 2018 expanding business into Germany, Austria, France and Canada.
  • 2019 opening up the UK to 3D CoSeedis™, preparing entrance into Italy and Spain.

Value Propositon by workflow driven standardisation of complex cell culture processes

Adding value by time/cost saving via:

  • Standardised and validated protocols
  • Increased efficiency through highly reproducible 3D cell constructs
  • Intuitive and validated HTS/HCS-compatible read-outs
  • Versatile applicability through modular set-up





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