As a CRO our 3D Services are specifically designed to support you in the set-up of your spheroid/organoid models to run your preclinical studies on 3D. Or simply ask our experienced CRO laboratory to fully assist you in the execution of the study evaluation.

Enlarge 3D CoSeedis service pipeline scheme

Predictive Disease Model Development

Profit from our cell culture experts, abc biopply’s international network of scientists, our connections to manufacturers and suppliers, and get your fully validated protocol along with all the required cell culture components for the spheroids/organoids of your choice. Or simply have our scientist instruct your personnel in 3D CoSeedis™ handling and spheroid/organoid analysis. Our flexibility is your benefit!

  • Adapt and/or optimize protocols transfer cells from 2D to 3D
  • Validation and extension of existing protocols and/or applications for various disease models
  • Models covering cell lines, primary cells and stem cells
  • Design disease models to address cell-to-cell communication
  • Design disease models to address organ-to-organ communication
  • Design disease models to address multi-organ and multi-cellular complex disease models

3D CRO Laboratory Services

Assays, Characterization and Profiling of Study Results

  • Growth monitoring
  • Viability
  • Live/dead
  • Tumor Colony Forming Assays
  • IHC
  • IF
  • ISH
  • DNA/RNA/protein profiling

HTS/HCS Process Services

Our 3D CoSeedis™ technology has been specifically designed to feed your standardized High-Throughput and High-Content Screening processes with a mass production of uniquely uniform and homogeneous spheroids/organoids.


On-site Services

  • Implementation support for existing HTS/HCS processes using fully validated interface between your established process and the 3D culture plug-on
  • Efficiency optimization of your standardizes HTS/HCS process bases on 3D CoSeedis™ technology
  • HCS downstream analysis allignment

In-house 3D Laboratory Services

  • In-house high-content screening for various disease models and substrates

Enlarge process scheme

3D Genotox Assays

Based on our proprietary 3D CoSeedis™ technology and together with our partner 4D Lifetec we are offering a worldwide unique 3D genotoxicity assay for the genetic analysis of spheriodes/organoids. We are providing this service as a complementary service for other CROs. But you can also contact us directly with your projects. Move your genotoxicity analyses together with us in a new physiological universe.

3D Cell Culture Support & Conditioned Media Production

  • Cell lines:
    Establish fully validated or adapt existing protocols for your cell line of choice under 3D conditions.
  • Primary cells:
    Establish fully validated or adapt existing protocols for primary cells of your choice. Protocols include procedures for cell isolation, enrichment and growth under 3D conditions.
  • Stem cells:
    Establish fully validated or adapt existing protocols to grow and expand undifferentiated stem cells under 3D conditions. Develop validated procedures to differentiate stem cells in 3D into various cell lineages.
  • Conditioned Media:
    Defined medias (e.g. factors, proteins, extra celullar vesicles, etc.) on demand or as contract manufacturer produced under 3D conditions.

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