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87             while (count($lang_code)) {

88                 // mal sehen, ob der Sprachcode angeboten wird

89                 if (in_array(strtolower(join('-', $lang_code)), $allowed_languages)) {

90                     // Qualität anschauen

91                     if ($lang_quality > $current_q) {

92                         // diese Sprache verwenden

93                         $current_lang = strtolower(join('-', $lang_code));

94                         $current_q = $lang_quality;

95                         // Hier die innere while-Schleife verlassen

96                         break;

97                     }


Analysis Tool

The following Excel templates for 3D CoSeedis™ assist in accurate cell seeding and facilitate volumetric analysis of 3D aggregates.

Cell Seeding Dilutions

This spread sheet assists in proper cell seeding. It calculates the required amount of cells/ml to achieve any desired number of cells per microwell.

Follow the instructions in the light blue box on the left.


Volumetric Analysis of Cell Agregates

This spread sheet offers a template for the volumetric analysis of 3D aggregates. It distinguishes between spheroidal and conical cell growth. Mean values (including standard deviation) of individual aggregate volumes are displayed in a line graph.


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