High-Throughput / High-Content Screening Applications

3D CoSeedis™ is an ideally suited production tool to grow spheroidal 3D cell constructs in scalable large quantities, particularly for the use in HTS/HCS applications. With the various formats, 3D CoSeedis™ Chip200, 880 and 680, it is possible to grow up to 1’200, 5’280, and 16’320 spheroids per plate, respectively.

The major advantages for subsequent HTS/HCS are:

  • Highly reproducible and homogeneous 3D cell aggregates across chips and plates.
  • Substantial reduction of cell culture work > 5’000 3D constructs per 6-well plate; >16’000 per 24-well plate, arbitrarily upscalable.
  • Increased screening efficiency through highly homogenous 384-well plates seeded with 1 to several 3D constructs / well.
  • Standardized to work under defined conditions (e.g. serum-free aggregation and growth media).
  • Long-term studies possible: up to 70 days in culture.
  • Dual and sequential treatments possible over extended period of time with lots of up to 900 cell aggregates.
  • 3D CoSeedis™ chips consist of agarose => biologically inert carrier matrix for optimal maintenance of primary and stem cells.
  • Fully validated for a wide range of tumour 3D aggregates.
  • Modular set-up (e.g. distance co-cultures) significantly extends the range of testable cells in 3D including primary cells and iPS.
  • Fully validated read-outs:
    • Growth monitoring
    • Viability
    • Cytotoxicity
    • Histology: paraffin and frozen
    • Colony forming assay

Dowlonad Whitepaper

Easy mass production of homogenous and uniform 3D spheroids for high-throughput screening applications
Marco P. Leu et al.


3D CoSeedis in High-Throughput / High-Content Screening

3DCoSeedis in HTS HCS 2020




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