3D CoSeedis™ has been validated for various applications and according protocols have been developed. The different application notes can be downloaded here or contact us for further information.

Colony Forming Assay

A new approach to the colony forming assay in cancer research. 3D CoSeedis™ simplifies and facilitates the set-up, read-out and analysis of the assay substantially.

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For further details you may also refer to the following Whitepaper.

Viability / Cytotoxicity

The application note addresses viability and/or cytotoxicity of 3D cell constructs grown in 3D CoSeedis™. The protocol describes an extension to all existing 3D CoSeedis™ systems and can be implemented easily without further requirements in equipment or appliances.

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3D CoSeedis™ offers an easy and elegant way to embed 3D constructs for cryo-sectioning without the need to manipulate individual spheroids. It reduces tricky and cumbersome manipulations and prevents damage or loss of 3D constructs.

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