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82                 // Kompabilitätsmodus: Qualität 1 annehmen

83                 $lang_quality = 1.0;

84             }


86             // Bis der Sprachcode leer ist...

87             while (count($lang_code)) {

88                 // mal sehen, ob der Sprachcode angeboten wird

89                 if (in_array(strtolower(join('-', $lang_code)), $allowed_languages)) {

90                     // Qualität anschauen

91                     if ($lang_quality > $current_q) {

92                         // diese Sprache verwenden

93                         $current_lang = strtolower(join('-', $lang_code));

94                         $current_q = $lang_quality;

95                         // Hier die innere while-Schleife verlassen

96                         break;

97                     }




Biostandardisation Services - We are experts in developing biotechnology platforms into standardised application systems.

  • You have a biotechnology platform and would like to develop it into a standardised kit solution?

  • You would like to add additional standardised applications to your product offerings?

  • You need support on defining cell standards or get primary cells or defined media?

  • You need support in manufacturing your product systems?

  • You need defined and salable biocomponents to commercialise your application system?

  • You need commercialisation support for your products?

Please contact us to get your customised service support. Our specialized team of biotechnology experts provides services helping your company with a high level of flexibility, reliability and confidentiality in a cost oriented manner. An open communication is our credo.

Biocomponent Services - We are a competent partner in all requirements realted to biocomponents

  • You are looking for a partner with extended experiences in standardised biocomponents and access to an international network in the industry?
  • You are interested in fast, reliable and competitive sources for standardised biocomponents?
  • You need a competent partner that understands your experimental set ups and provides valuable input?

Familiarise yourself with our possibilities and visit our webshop. 

Contact us