3D CoSeedis™ in a nutshell

The following articles were published in the context of abc biopply’s Tech Talks. They  briefly introduce the CRO services abc biopply is offering and also give an overview on  the 3D CoSeedis™ technology and assay.

 CRO / Laboratory Services

3D CoSeedis™ in chip Assays – a new 3D cell culture concept for more predictive preclinical drug discovery


Next generation preclinical tumor models – Make your drug discovery process faster and more predictive


The CRO Service portfolio and unique 3D in chip assays from abc biopply


Unique long term drug efficacy studies with the 3D CoSeedis™ Tumor Relapse Assay


A New High-Content Apoptosis Assays for 3D Cell Culture


High Efficiency Histology Models for 3D Cell Cultures


When it comes to micro-tumors go 3D


Transform your 2D Cell Culture Models to 3D for Predictive In Vivo and Translational Results


Transition your 2D to 3D Cell Culture Models for Predictive Response


The CRO Service portfolio from abc biopply


3D CoSeedis™ - High quality spheroids in HTS quantities


 abc biopply CRO Services – A New Standard in Preclinical and Disease Modelling


Interested in Building 3D Cell Culture Models for Predictive In Vivo and Translational Results?


abc biopply CRO services Superior performance through innovative design

abc biopply – next generation CRO services in 3D cell culture


abc biopply contract research services – a new benchmark in 3D cell culture services


Comprehensive disease modelling  services in 3D with abc biopply


3D Laboratory Services by abc biopply


3D Genotoxicity Assay - abc biopply presents new 3D Laboratory Services

 abc biopply – your competent Swiss partner in life sciences


abc biopply 3D services


Stem cell research


Tumour research


Lung research


Assays and Applications

Reduce animal testing by implementing the 3D CoSeedis™ Cytotoxicity in chip Assay


abc biopply – your partner for preclinical 3D disease models……. and more!


Making 3D cell culture a part of HTS standard applications


abc biopply - the abc in cell culture technologies


abc biopply – the stem cell expert!


Tumor Research from ONE source - abc biopply


Tumour research with 3D CoSeedis™: a fully comprehensive and validated 3D tumour system


Increase screening efficiency in High Throughput Screening (HTS) with 3D CoSeedis™


3D CoSeedis™ - a binary approach to the colony forming assay


3D CoSeedis™ - the first 3D cell culture platform to specifically serve noumerus standardised downstream processes


abc biopply revolutionises the use of 3D cultures in HTS


Performance and Physiology

The top 5 of critical questions and answers in 3D cell culture


Mimicking the reality – physiological micro-tumours in vivo with 3D CoSeedis™

Building biomimetic microenvironments with 3D CoSeedis™


Mass density analysis reveals: 3D CoSeedis™ outperforms conventional 3D culture systems in terms of homogeneity and uniformity


A groundbreaking new concept for reliable 3D cell culture


3D CoSeedis™ Chips - A new standard in 3D cell culture


Disease Modelling/Covid-19

 abc biopply – your strongest and most competent partner in defeating COVID-19


Customised Service Manufacturing of Conditioned Media from 3D Spheroids/Organoid


PART 1: Communication via direct cell-to-cell contacts vs. communication via soluble factors (distance co-culturing)

PART 2: Communication over long distances between 3D cell cultures (organ-to-organ communication)

PART 3: Communication between multiple 3D structures

3D CoSeedis™: a new in vitro approach to the COVID-19-related cytokine release syndrome



3D CoSeedis™ - easy microscopy and in-chip imaging of 3D spheroids/organoids - from life-imaging to live/dead™ assays


 Histology on 3D spheroids/organoids - a fast and easy all-in-one process with 3D CoSeedis™


Conditioned Media / Extracellular Vesicles

3D CoSeedis™ in extracellular vesicle production


3D CoSeedis™: a new revolutionary way to harvest extracellular vesicles from 3D cultures


Success Stories

Higher predictiveness and reliability in therapeutic antibody preclinical testing

3D CoSeedis™ in chip Assays – a new 3D cell culture concept for more predictive preclinical drug discovery

abc biopply – your partner for preclinical 3D disease models……. and more!

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