3D CoSeedis™ - a binary approach to the colony forming assay

The classical colony forming assay (CFA) is a wildly used standard to assess tumour response to cytostatic treatments. This is particularly the case in radiation biology where methylcellulose and agar-based assays are used quite regularly.
Those methods to perform a CFA, either in 2D or in agar, are, unfortunately:
  • Cumbersome
  • Prone to bias
  • Limited in the ability to administer different drugs
  • Missing 3-dimensionality to reflect physiological cell-cell interactions
With 3D CoSeedis™, abc biopply has now developed a new approach to the CFA that eliminates the disadvantages listed above and introduces true 3-dimensionality, hence physiological conditions, at the same time.

With 3D CoSeedis™ the CFA becomes ideally suited for suspension cells, adhesion-independent cells and cells that don’t form colonies in the soft agar assay nor in methylcellulose.
Seeding density
HT-29 cells were seeded at the indicated number of cells/cm2. At day 14 in culture, petri dishes and matrices were photo-graphed and scanned, respectively. Whereas the assay remains analysable with 3D CoSeedis™ over a large range of seeding densities (10 – 1000 cell/cm2), in 2D individual colonies cannot be distinguished any longer at densities above 160 cells/cm2.
3D CoSeedis™ eliminates bias related to the traditional CFA by fixing colonies in position and focal plane. Consequently, the chips allow (semi-) automated binary analysis and therefore make determination and counting of colonies a simple and straight forward process.

With 3D CoSeedis™ the CFA has been transformed into a highly reproducible and easy-to-do assay – finally!
To get to know more on the 3D CoSeedis™-based CFA, please refer to the following publication:
Likewise, under the same link, you may download abc biopply’s application note on the CFA.

For more information on 3D CoSeedis™ and the many different applications it has been validated for, I highly recommend our “3D CoSeedis™ in a nutshell” section (https://biopply.com/technology/in-a-nutshell/).
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