3D CoSeedis™ - a groundbreaking new concept for reliable 3D cell culture

Until now, working with spheroids/organoids always rose the question of whether to grow large quantities of 3D constructs at low homogeneity and uniformity or to have those criteria optimised at the cost of low quantities. For the first time, 3D CoSeedis™ now combines the two apparent opposites and allows the production of large quantities of spheroids/organoids at an unsurpassed homogeneity and uniformity.

The 3D CoSeedis™ Chip concept
The 3D CoSeedis™ platform uses an entirely new concept of growing spheroids/organoids: the 3D CoSeedis™ Chip.
  • 3 different formats guarantee flexibility in throughput: “use the right number of 3D CoSeedis™ Chips for the right number of spheroids/organoids required”.
  • The proprietary 3D CoSeedis™ Chip design allows 3D aggregation of “difficult” cells: grow 3D constructs from cells that so far avoided 3D culturing in vitro.
  • The unique distance co-culture feature allows to assess complex cellular communication assays, yet it’s easy to set up and analyse.

The 3D CoSeedis™ Chip formats
*** 3D CoSeedis™ Chip200:
grow 200 spheroids/organoids per chip and up to 1’200 per production platform (6-well) => equals > 3 regular ULA 384-well plates

*** 3D CoSeedis™ Chip880:
grow 880 spheroids/organoids per chip and up to 5’280 per production platform (6-well) => equals > 13 regular ULA 384-well plates

*** 3D CoSeedis™ Chip680:
grow 680 spheroid/organoids per chip and up to 16’320 per production platform (24-well) => equals > 42 regular ULA 384-well plates

3D CoSeedis™ Chip

*** 3D CoSeedis™ Chip200:
  • Ideal for long-term cultures (up to 11 weeks)
  • Distance co-cultures for cell-to-cell and organ-to-organ communications
  • Immunotherapy: IHC, IF, whole mount
  • Profiling: RNA, DNA, protein
*** 3D CoSeedis™ Chip880:
  • Derive spheroids from single cells (clonal spheroid)
  • Detection of stochastic and rare event by exposing 880 spheroids/organoids to identical culture conditions/treatments
*** 3D CoSeedis™ Chip680:
  • Ideal for high-throughput and high-content applications
  • Optimised of stem cell and primary cell spheroids/organoids
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