3D CoSeedis™ shows physiologically relevant results in preclinical drug tests and clinical evidence to effectively reduce animal testing

A recent publication by Johannes Waldschmidt et al. (Ex vivo propagation in a novel 3D high-throughput co-culture system for multiple myeloma, Johannes M. Waldschmidt et al., JCRCO, November 2021; https://biopply.com/technology/references/) clearly shows that the native micro environment generated in the 3D CoSeedis™ preclinical model not only helps to aggregate and propagate multiple myeloma (MM) cells ex vivo but consequently also leads to a much more accurate drug response outperforming alternative 3D technologies or 2D approaches. Moreover, the observed drug response to two classical compounds in MM treatment was a lot closer to the effects observed in patients and entirely opposite to the triggered behavior of cells in 2D.
“From a clinical viewpoint, this model may improve our ability to better predict later clinical success of preclinically active compounds to reduce time and financial expenses of drug discovery for MM at the earliest stage possible.”

J. M. Waldschmidt et al., JCRCO, https://doi.org/10.1007/s00432-021-03854-6
The fantastic work of Johannes Waldschmidt and his colleagues not only underscores the necessity to improve the predictive accuracy of preclinical tests, but also provides a more cost effective solution for compound testing by eliminating some of the major pitfalls of current in vitro and in-vivo technologies.
All 3D preclinical models done by abc biopply are based on the 3D CoSeedis™ technology. Our compound tests therefore profit from the benefits outlined in this publication and show equally improved accuracy and predictiveness of our preclinical models. Are you interested to implement those advantages in your drug discovery process? Do not hesitate to contact me to find out about your individualized test solution.

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