3D CoSeedis™ - the first 3D cell culture platform to specifically serve noumerus standardised downstream processes

Do you work with any of those validated applications listed below?
***Volumetric analysis – growth monitoring
*** Life/dead staining
*** Viability assays
*** Automated microscopy
*** Immunohistochemistry and –fluorescence
*** RNA, DNA, and protein profiling
*** Extracellular vesicle production
*** Whole-mount staining
***Colony forming assay

Curious? Then use our unique platform 3D CoSeedis™ for mass-producing homogenous and uniform organoids/spheroids

The transition from 2D cell culture to physiologically more relevant 3D culture equivalents is currently one of the major topics in the effort to identify new active compounds in drug discovery. However, there are certain hurdles to overcome in order for 3D technologies and platforms to become a valid replacement for current 2D approaches. Not least of them is the requirement to fit into commonly used standardized workflows and protocols in compound testing.
To meet those expectations, abc biopply has designed 3D CoSeedis™, a novel platform for mass-producing highly homogenous and uniform organoids/spheroids, particularly for high-throughput and high-content applications.
Schematic mode of operation of 3D CoSeedis™: as a tool to mass-produce organoids/spheroids in a highly homogenous and uniform manner,it acts upstream of all standardized processes and feeds seamlessly into the various application processes and workflows without changing their protocols.

3D CoSeedis™ acts as a plug-on to current standard workflows of countless applications.

It feeds into these processes seamlessly without changing their set-up nor their protocols. 3D CoSeedis™ therefore is the ideal tool to mass produce highly homogeneous and uniform 3D organoids/spheroids for the use in standardized applications in 3D cell culture.
Interested to implement the 3D CoSeedis™ platform upstream of your application? I am looking forward to discussing the various possibilities of 3D CoSeedis™ with you.

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