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With 3D CoSeedis™ abc biopply has introduced a revolutionary new way to generate highly homogenous and uniform spheroids/organoids in scalable large quantities. Our 3D Laboratory Services offer you a wide range of preclinical services to analyse spheroids/organoids from various tissue sources within your specific project design.
Against this background, we now offer a worldwide unique 3D Genotoxicity Assay for the analysis of spheroids/organoids. In contrast to standard SCGE assays, the 3D Genotoxicity Assay assesses and integrates DNA-damage of entire spheroids/organoids. It consequently reflects genotoxic effects in a physiological 3-dimensional context.
Together with our partner, 4D Lifetec, we are providing the 3D Genotoxicity Assay as a complimentary service for other CROs. However, you can also contact us to implement it directly into your own projects.
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Move your genotoxicity analyses together with us into a new physiological universe.

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