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*** 3D Laboratory Services by abc biopply ***
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abc biopply’s 3D Laboratory Services are specifically designed to support you in the setup of your spheroid/organoid models, hence to run your preclinical studies in 3D. Alternatively you can also use our wide range of preclinical services to analyse spheroids/organoids from various tissue sources within your specific project design.
These services include:
  • Predictive-Disease Model Development
  • Cell-Growth / Survival / Viability Analysis
  • Histological Characterization
  • Molecular Profiling
  • Tumor Colony Forming Assays
  • 3D High-Content Screening
  • 3D Genotox-Assays

During the development,
setup and analysis
we strictly follow your requirements and specific project design.
 Size distribution / Volumetric analysis
> 97 % Homogeneity & Uniformity
The 3D Laboratory Services follow a milestone orientated and modular setup. They consist of the initial development of a suitable predictive disease model including:
  • Adaptation and optimization of protocols to transfer cells from 2D to 3D
  • Validation and extension of existing protocols and/or applications for various disease models
  • Models for cell lines, primary cells and stem cells
  • Design disease models to address cell-to-cell, organ-to-organ and complex multi-organ/multi-cellular communications
All our predictive disease models are validated and can be used to monitor spheroid/organoid growth, cell viability, or tumor forming capacity. Furthermore, we can investigate marker presence and distribution as well and genetic profiling.
Profit also from our validated processes:
  • To implement spheroid/organoid aggregation into HTS/HCS workflows
  • In-house HCS on various disease models and substrates
  • 3D Genotox Assays – move your genotoxicity analyses into a new universe of physiology
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