A binary approach to the colony forming assay

The colony forming assay is an ideal tool to assess the efficacy of a certain compound and/or treatment. Likewise, the assay can provide important data during the optimization of novel compounds. Unfortunately, though, the classical colony forming assay is cumbersome and prone to bias.
Not anymore! The 3D CoSeedis™ Colony Forming in chip Assay has taken the classical clonogenic assay to the next level – well defined cell seeding protocols and a binary read-out of the assay eliminates bias and guarantees a high level of reproducibility
Outstanding performance of the 3D CoSeedis™ Colony Forming in chip Assay through:
  • Easy handling
  • No bias through binary read-out
  • High reproducibility
  • Reliable, precise, physiologically relevant
The 3D CoSeedis™ Colony Forming in chip Assay is part of abc biopply’s in chip Assay family included in our comprehensive service packages. Are you interested to get to know more?
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