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abc biopply 3D services – we support you to integrate 3D cell culture into your standardised workflows

With 3D CoSeedis™, abc biopply has introduced a revolutionary new way to generate highly homogenous and uniform spheroids/organoids in scalable large quantities.
But did you know that we are also providing a wide range of exclusive 3D CoSeedis™ cell culture services to our customers? It is our aim to support you in the set-up of spheroid/organoid models of your choice and to add our experiences, know-how and resources to your scientific endeavour.
Profit from our cell culture experts, abc biopply’s international network of scientists, our connections to manufacturers and suppliers, and get your fully validated protocol along with all the required cell culture components for the spheroids/organoids of your choice. Or simply have our scientist instruct your personnel in 3D CoSeedis™ handling and spheroid/organoid analysis. Our flexibility is your benefit!

Key features of our customised services:
  • Customer-defined milestones
  • Possible spheroid/organoid models cover cell lines, primary cells, and stem cells
  • Complex cell-to-cell or organ-to-organ communication systems
  • Spheroid/organoid development based on 3D CoSeedis™ (alternative 3D systems possible).
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abc biopply 3D services aim to support you.
However, abc biopply 3D services not only introduce an unprecedented new level of standardisation in the area of 3D cultures.  
For the first time, 3D CoSeedis™ allows you fully integrate 3D cell culture into your HTS/HCS workflows in an industrial scale. For further information, check out our “3D CoSeedis™ in a nutshell” section here

Interested? I am looking forward to receiving your phone call to explain you more on abc biopply’s 3D services.
Welcome to the fascinating world of 3D CoSeedis™!

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