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Offering cutting edge technology is the abc in contract research services. This is certainly true for services in the area of 3D cell culture and preclinical disease modelling where the advancement in technological standards has an immediate and direct impact on the read-out of assays and consequently on the biological relevance of the results generated during the service.
abc biopply is in the advantageous position to do all customised disease modelling based on 3D CoSeedis™, its proprietary 3D cell culture platform. Together with its long experience in the area of 3D cell culture and cell biology, abc biopply does offer preclinical disease models and CRO services that outperform current alternative systems by:
  • Providing physiologically accurate and biologically relevant disease models:
    3D CoSeedis™ ensures the generation of a biomimetic micro-environment essential for the generation of physiologically relevant spheroids/organoids (as indicated by physiological mass density of generated spheroids, for example).
  • Modular cell-to-cell and organ-to-organ communication systems consisting of primary cells, stem cells, iPS-derived cells or cell lines and combinations thereof:
    3D CoSeedis™ enables the aggregation of cells into 3D cultures that would not do so under alternative conditions (e.g. in hanging drop or liquid overlay).
  • Highest flexibility in system design, read-out, and applicability:
    The modular co-culture technology of 3D CoSeedis™ allows you to design and build complex, yet easy-to-analyse systems.
  • Unique 3D cell culture standards:
    With its unique technology, abc biopply is capable to work under standardised conditions – e.g. from animal-free to serum-free to defined culture conditions.
  • Validated work processes:
    abc biopply offers a wide range of assay formats and works with HTS/HCS compatible systems that fulfil SBS-standards. Many downstream analysis methods are done “in chip”, hence they are robust, reproducible and suitable for automation.
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