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abc biopply carries a vast portfolio for the expansion and differentiation of stem cells, particularly of mesenchymal origin (MSC). Together with our strong international partners, we cover products for MSC growth and differentiation both, in 2D and 3D systems.
Today, I would like to introduce you in a new range of MSC media for either RUO or GMP:
All media is:
  • Without animal components
  • Serum-free
  • hPL free
  • chemically defined
  • Exosome-free
With this addition to our already comprehensive media portfolio, we can now offer a solution for most MSC applications:
Our MSC media have been used with human MSCs and they have been shown to support differentiation in all three major MSC-derived cell lineages.
And just to remind you – abc biopply also carries lots of additional product for MSCs:
  • HFN (RUO, GMP) human Fibronectin
  • UltraGro – hPL in different qualities up to GMP and virus inactivated
  • CIzyme for the isolation of ASC from lipoasirates (GMP)
  • Accutase
  • Cryo-Media
Alternatively, you may also profit from abc biopply’s CRO services to help you design and validate the MSC model of your choice!
Interested? I am looking forward to answering your call.

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   Marco Leu, PhD
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