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abc biopply is your partner of choice and preferred supplier in life science. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products for molecular and cellular biology research, diagnostic and clinical applications. In combination with our competent and fast customer support team, we strive to help you advancing your research.
** Molecular biology: from adeno- to lenti viruses, from viral expression plasmids to CRISPR applications; from COVID-19 detection to qPCR and sequencing applications; we cover all the tools you need. Ask us for further details.
** Immunodiagnostic and histochemistry: diagnostic antibodies for IHC and IF; antibodies for research applications; from various species; mono- and polyclonal; detection systems; automated histology systems; epitope retrieval – let us know what you are looking for. 
** Tissue samples and extracts: from various species; from healthy or diseased donors and organs, also matched tissue samples; RNA, DNA; protein extracts – also with known genetic sequence; tissue arrays, frozen or in paraffin – contact us for details.
3D cell systems as a leading manufacturer of 3D culture systems, abc biopply is the expert of choice to discuss your 3D-requirements. Through our extensive network, we offer products from the most renowned companies in the field:
> 1’000 primary cells from various species including human, from healthy and diseased donors; tagged or immortalised; off the shelf or customised – contact us to discuss your requirements.
Speciality media, including animal-component free, xeno-free, defined media.
Supplements from various species and preparations: sera (human A-, B-, or AB-serum, animal sera), platelet lysates, replacements. Small molecules, extracellular matrix components, protein factors; recombinant or isolated; from various species and as test arrays.
Check the list of suppliers and contact us for details.

We are looking forward to receiving your requests and discussing your requirements with you.
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Marco Leu, PhD
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