abc biopply – your partner for preclinical 3D disease models……. and more!

abc biopply is your partner of choice for the design, setup and analysis of complex, yet reliable and predictive, preclinical 3D disease models.
To achieve the most significant results possible it is part of our competence to supplement our assays with the best available products on the market. This also extends, for example, to DNA/RNA profiling and analysis. Furthermore, abc biopply makes all those products available to our customers.
In this context, I would like to present to you the PCR product range from our partner abm. They have just extended their already comprehensive portfolio with a new highly cost-effective Taq polymerase for routine purposes. abm introduces this Taq at the sensational price of just CHF 66.00 for 200 reactions.
Interested to try it out? Order your Taq DNA Polymerase now and profit from our special offer till the end of March 2022*. 
But our partner abm also offers a broad range of immortalized cells and various different cell lines for your 3D cell culture work. abc biopply is looking forward to assisting you using those cells in the setup of your specific preclinical disease model.
Contact us to discuss the various 3D-CoSeedis™ Assays that can help your studies succeed faster, more reliably, and more cost-effectively.

I am looking forward to receiving your phone call.


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