Cellovations® - premium cell culture products from our partner PeloBiotech

With years of experience in primary cells isolation and cultivation, media composition and coating for a wide range of primary cells, abc biopply’s partner PeloBiotech has developed a unique and outstanding premium cell culture product line: Cellovations® This product line comprises of
primary cells (Cellovations® Cells), speciality media
(Cellovations® Media), and other useful tools for
cell culture (Cellovations® Tools).

All these products were designed to fulfil the highest expectations and cell culture standards. Generally, they are characterized by:

-  Contain top quality ingredients
-  Easy to handle
-  Produce reliable results
-  Have an affordable price
-  And profit from direct customer support
Furthermore, abc biopply can support you with the implementation of Cellovations® products into your work processes with its unique service packages. Highly standardized 3D CoSeedis™ in chip Assays in
combination with Cellovations® products deliver accurate,
reliable and highly reproducible results in a variety of
preclinical disease models.

They speed up the developmental process substantially and eliminate animal tests to a large extend. Bring your preclinical drug development program to the next level!
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