Histology on 3D spheroids/organoids - a fast and easy all-in-one process with 3D CoSeedis™

Efficient and reliable histological analysis of spheroids and organoids is an important aspect of 3D compound testing, particularly in a high-throughput context. However, preparing 3D spheroids/organoids for histological analysis is cumbersome and time consuming – until now!
With 3D CoSeedis™, abc biopply presents a fast and easy new approach to embed spheroids/organoids for both, paraffin and cryo sectioning. It thereby speeds up the process and provides validated and standardised protocols for reliable histological analysis. Key features include:
  • Single-step embedding protocols
  • No fiddling with individual spheroids/organoids
  • For both, IHC and IF
  • Array-type arrangement of tissue
  • Compatible with automated microscopy

3D CoSeedis™ describes an all-in-one process for histological downstream investigations of 3D spheroids/organoids by offering one tool to serve it all:
  1. The 3D CoSeedis™ chips enable the assembly of a broad range of 3D spheroids/organoids from cell lines, primary cells, iPS and stem cells. It further allows the investigation of complex multi-cellular or multi-organ cultures.
  2. Yet, it acts at the same time as a scaffold to facilitate embedding for paraffin or cryo sectioning.
  3. Since 3D CoSeedis™ is build up in a modular fashion, it can be dissembled easily before analysis and therefore allow access to each individual spheroid/organoid.
3D CoSeedis™ is the ideal tool to act as a plug-on device to your standardised high-throughput IHC/IF process without the need to change your work-flow.
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