Know your dose before you go in vivo

Reduce mouse count through increased dose predictability with 3D CoSeedis™ in chip Assays.

abc biopply’s preclinical ex vivo compound test services are based on the company’s proprietary 3D CoSeedis™ in chip Assays. All assays are optimized to enable the design of reliable and physiologically relevant preclinical disease models. abc biopply’s assay service packages deliver highly accurate and predictive data sets on compound dosage, on- and off-target toxicity and mode of action.
Recent studies have shown that the 3D CoSeedis™ technology is capable to substantially increase accuracy in compound testing (Waldschmidt et al. 2021). It therefore helps to eliminate potentially inefficient compounds early on in the drug development process
Ultimately, the abc biopply’s compound test services lead to a much better predictability of effective dosage. They thereby save time and animal numbers in later stages of preclinical efficacy evaluation and consequently render the drug discovery process a lot more cost-efficient.
Are you interested to find out how abc biopply can improve and streamline your drug discovery process? Do not hesitate and give me a call today. I am looking forward to tell you more.


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