Mimicking the reality – physiological micro-tumours in vivo with 3D CoSeedis™

Efficient and reliable compound screening and optimising are highly dependent on cellular in vitro systems that reflect the physiological conditions in patients as closely as possible. The awareness that 2D cell systems only partially reflect these conditions or even falsify possible screening results let to the current transition from 2 to 3D cell systems. However, providing a platform in which cells can grow in 3 dimensions is only partially accounting for a physiologically representative in vitro tumour.

Just as important is the creation of a micro-environment that mimics physiological conditions in patients and consequently allows the cells to form a micro-tumour that in its structure and compactness equals tumours found in human tissues.
3D CoSeedis™ has now taken one big step forward towards an in vitro micro-tumour system that allows the ex vivo growth of biomimetic micro-tumours.
How 3D CoSeedis™ creates physiologically relevant 3D micro-tumours:
  1. Proprietary chip design ensures the formation of micro-tumours with cells that otherwise resist 3D aggregation with alternative technologies, namely ULA plates, hanging drop, and liquid overlay assays.
  2. Fully diffusion permeable chip matrices allow the exchange of molecules between cells and spheroids. These molecules include oxygen, salts, proteins, and sugars. The design of 3D CoSeedis™ therefore allows the generation of tissue specific environments relevant for proper micro-tumour formation.
  3. The unique distance co-culture technology further allows the integration of tissue specific feeder cells that help to create the appropriate cellular neighbourhood for tumour formation.
  4. 3D cell aggregation in 3D CoSeedis™ leads to highly compact micro-tumours similar to what has been described in vivo. Tumour compactness is essential when assessing drug or antibody penetration of target tissues and also plays a major role in NK cell invasion of tumour tissues. 3D CoSeedis™ outperforms all other 3D technologies in this respect - no other 3D platform, e.g. ULA plates, has been able to mimic such a behaviour of 3D micro-tumours in vivo.
Interested to get your in vitro tumours closer to reality? I am looking forward to advising you on the amazing possibilities with 3D CoSeedis™. No more artefacts from highly artificial systems any longer!
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