Primary cells from abc biopply for accurate preclinical test results

abc biopply has one of the largest portfolios for primary cells of human and animal sources available on the market. We offer cells from various lineages and organs of both, healthy as well as diseased donors. These include:
  • Epithelial cells of various organs
  • Endothelial cells of various organs
  • Neuronal cells
  • Muscle cells of various type and organs
  • Immune cells of various type
  • Blood cells of various type
  • Stem cells of various type and origin
  • iPS and iPS derived cells for different organs and cell types
  • Liver cells of all kind
  • Kidney cells of all kind
  • Skin cells of all kind
  • Fibroblasts of various organs and origins
  • … and many more
Our cells are from highly trusted and validated partners from our international collector’s network and have been used to build up accurate and predictive disease models in academia as well as industry worldwide.
Moreover, abc biopply has implemented and validated numerous primary cells in its in-house preclinical disease model services and built a considerable database on cell behavior and treatment response in several relevant clinical applications. Namely, the invention of our proprietary in chip assays added substantially to the accuracy and predictiveness of abc biopply’s preclinical models.
But we have more: abc biopply offers immortalized cells, cell lines, genetically modified cells, marker-expressing cells, and many tools more to increase the efficacy and accuracy of our preclinical test models.
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