The 3D CoSeedis™ Drug Penetration Assay – A highly efficient one-step drug tissue penetration assay by abc biopply

abc biopply has developed a highly efficient way to investigate drug penetration of any 3D micro-tissue in a simple one-step process: the
3D CoSeedis™ Drug Penetration Assay.
The assay is part of our comprehensive service package to test compounds in preclinical disease models. It also benefits from our unique in chip histology approach that enables low-manipulation histology assessments of 3D micro-tissues.
Immunofluorescent staining of HER2 and nuclei. Arrows indicate expected membrane localization of HER2.
Furthermore, the 3D CoSeedis™ Drug Penetration Assay can be performed in parallel to the corresponding 3D CoSeedis™ Dose Response Assay and therefore consolidates the data from dosage and penetration from the same micro-tissue, a high-content multiplex feature unique on the market.
Key features of the 3D CoSeedis™ Drug Penetration Assay:
  • Low-manipulation one-step penetration assessment
  • Multiplexing of dosage and penetration data
  • Multi-drug treatments possible
  • IF/IHC based
Would you like to know more about the unique 3D CoSeedis™ in chip assays? I am happy to answer all your questions and I am looking forward to receiving your call.

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