Top quality immortalized cell lines for physiologically relevant disease models

To design physiologically relevant and accurate disease models for compound testing requires 3 essential components:
  1. A reliable, reproducible and easy-to-handle 3D cell culture system compatible with HTS/HCS requirements.
  2. Top quality cellular and chemical components from trustworthy suppliers to reliable assemble physiologically relevant disease models.
  3. And validated, accurate analysis methods to determine compound efficacy and toxicity.
abc biopply’s 3D services provide them all:
  1. abc biopply’s proprietary 3D cell culture platform 3D CoSeedis™ allows the physiological assembly of complex, yet easy to analyze, preclinical disease models.
  2. With an international network of competent specialists in tissue sourcing, cell isolation and immortalization, and media design, abc biopply has access to top quality tissue sources and providers for chemical components.
  3. Numerous validated, proprietary analysis methods have been implemented in abc biopply’s 3D CoSeedis™ Assay protocols to get the most out of preclinical compound tests. They are an integral part of our CRO services or can be licensed for in-house tests at our customer’s sites.
We currently offer you the possibility to familiarize yourself with our vast collection of immortalized cell lines from our excellent partner abm. Profit from our running promotion on those cells and check out their extensive list of cells ideally suited for your in-house test series*).
*) Until the end of June 2022, we provide 1 bottle of recommended media free of charge with each immortalized cell line you order. Contact me for further information.
Are you interested to get to know more about abc biopply’s preclinical disease models and the way they can increase efficacy of your compound tests? Please do not hesitate to give me a call. I am looking forward to talking to you.

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