Transition your 2D to 3D Cell Culture Models for Predictive Response

Access our proprietary 3D cell culture technology.  
Advanced Predictiveness of Preclinical Disease Models and Drug Discovery

At abc biopply, we provide bioservices to our partners for development of:
  • 3D Tumor Models of human tumor, stroma, and immune cells for physiologically relevant and predictive clinical response
  • Complex Biology In Vitro Assays in Immuno-Oncology
  • High Throughput, High Content Drug Screening
  • Toxicology Studies
  • Antibody Characterization
  • High production of Extracellular Vessicles (ECV) from 3D cultures
  • Long term 3D cultures for predictive relapse post therapy
  • 3D modeling for Regenerative Medicine
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Would you like us to run your tests with our assays? Or are you interested to see how abc biopply’s expertise and technology could optimise your drug development process? I am looking forward to answering your call.

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