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With 3D CoSeedis™ abc biopply introduced a novel generation of a 3D cell culture system with the unique capability to reconstitute micro-tumour tissues in vitro. Its particular set-up mimics physiological conditions that allow the relevant analysis of aggregated micro-tumours ex vivo. For that purpose, abc biopply offers a tailored and specialised product portfolio for tumour research optimised for the 3D CoSeedissystem.

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* Primary cancer cells and cancer-associated cells
We offer a very comprehensive range of human primary cancer and cancer-associated cells. You can’t find what you are interested in? Contact me for our services to get customised tissues.
* Xenograft cancer cell lines and associated cells isolated from mice
abc biopply carries a large number of tumour and tumour-associated cells that were isolated from xenografts grown in mice. They all originate from injected human cancer cell lines.
* Cancer cell lines
We offer an extensive collection of cancer cell lines and provide cells expressing different fluorescent marker genes (e.g. GFP) making identification in micro-tumours a lot easier.
* Media
For all primary cancer cells, cell lines, and cells from xenografts we offer the required media for optimal growth and performance.
* Cryo- and passaging solutions
abc biopply carries a large collection of speciality media for each cell type and condition, some of them even defined. Furthermore, we can help with appropriate cell passaging solutions and ideal cryo conditions for all cell types.
* ECM components
To facilitate, support and boost the aggregation of primary tumour cells in vitro, 3D CoSeedis™ offers the possibility to use additional tissue specific ECM components in the media. Further ECM products are available – contact us for the best solution for your cells of interest.
* Antibodies
abc biopply offers hundreds of diagnostic antibodies to detect corresponding cancer markers. They are compatible with automated immunohistochemistry technologies and are IVD as well as CE-marked.
* DNA, RNA, protein extracts
Whether you are interested in genomic DNA, cDNA, total RNA or total protein, abc biopply offer a comprehensive set of extracts from various different human tumour tissues as well as tumour cell lines.
* Tissue arrays
Last but not least, we also offer paraffin embedded as well as cryo-conserved tissue arrays for histology of human tumour tissues. We have matched arrays (healthy vs. tumour tissue from the same donor) as well as tissue arrays with corresponding DNA sequence available.

Please have a look at the product overview (download here). 

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