Humanized Disease Models

Boosting 3D Drug Development Models to the ex vivo Level

abc biopply humanized disease models predict patient response to treatment

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Our proprietary technology creates hundreds of miniature versions of patient organs in a laboratory setting, using both healthy and diseased tissues. Our innovative models bridge the gap in predictability between the lab and the clinic.

We free preclinical models from non-human components whenever possible

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Conventional cellular or animal disease models have shown that the predictability of patient response to treatment is severely limited. Great efforts have been made to humanize mouse models to better predict certain aspects of human physiology and immunology. The abc biopply team has made a significant breakthrough in humanizing upstream 3D cell models through the revolutionary and proprietary 3D CoSeedis in chip communication technology™.

Thanks to exceptional physiological growth conditions and unique ways of intercellular communication, our models are free from non-human components to the greatest extent possible and allow us to mimic specific organs and tissues in culture over long periods of time. Thus, we successfully bridge the translational gap with unparalleled physiological responses and unique statistical predictive power.

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