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abc biopply's Services to de-risk your Drug Development Projects

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abc biopply Drug Efficacy Services

Tumour Relaps Assays, Viability Assays, Cytotoxicity Assays, Cell Viability Assays, and many more...

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3D CoSeedis™

Easy Mass Production of Uniform and Homogenous Spheroids / Organoids for Predictive Disease Modelling

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abc biopply Histology Services

In chip Immunohistochemistry, Immunofluorescence and Histology

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abc biopply 3D Cell Culture Services

Design and Set-up of Preclinical Desease Models and Complex 3D Cell Culture Systems

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abc biopply - Preclinical Study Models and Services to De-Risk Drug Development

The process for commercializing preclinically confirmed drugs currently has a success rate of only about 12%. abc biopply is a specialist for advanced solutions in preclinical disease models and drug discovery. The company has pioneered a unique portfolio of 3D tissue imaging and analysis assays enabling the easy and reliable generation of quantitative datasets from tissues and cells. The related CRO services support pharmaceutical and biotech companies to improve the predictiveness of their preclinical models and to de-risk their drug discovery processes. Based on the proprietary 3D CoSeedis™ multi-organoid technology the company has boosted the relevance of in vitro testing to the ex vivo level.


Advanced Predictiveness of Preclinical Disease Models and Drug Development

Based on its unique technology and extensive expertise in organoid biology, abc biopply has developed the company's portfolio of in chip study models. These models demonstrate superior predictability in the preclinical evaluation of therapeutic agents by making the conditions of environmentally mediated drug resistance measurable to a quality previously unknown. abc biopply's in chip study models thereby enable rapid pre-selection of compounds based on results that are fully compliant with FDA requirements for a microphysiological system. They increase the predictability of conventional models by removing the discovery load from conventional pdx models, giving them a purely confirmatory nature.

Unique Services

abc biopply provides services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients to improve the predictive power of their preclinical models and accelerate their drug discovery efforts. Using our dedicated 3D CoSeedis™ cell culture technology we are reducing the translational gap between in vitro and in vivo studies through the use of a new level of differentiation and cross-cellular communication assays. abc biopply offers a wide range of assay formats and downstream endpoints. To learn more about the range of assays, or to explore our portfolio of 3D products and protocols to support your in-house applications and projects, please reach out directly to discuss how we can enhance your research. We have worked with numerous clients to develop custom assays and/or enhancements of our 3D technology platform for the use in specific projects. We also offer implementation services for larger clients who wish to in-source our custom-built assays.

The 3D CoSeedis™ system is a great tool to generate standardized 3D cultures of patient derived ovarian cancer cells. Through this system we were able to quickly implement an ex vivo culture system of patient derived cells with a tremendous potential to be applied in personalized medicine.

Dr. Ricardo Coelho
Ovarian Cancer Research, Department of Biomedicine, University Hospital Basel, Switzerland

So far, I can tell that we are very satisfied. We tried several other tools for spheroid culturing, but this is by far the easiest to handle.

Alessandra Cereghetti
PhD Student, Dept. of Mol. Mech. of Disease, University of Zurich, Switzerland

3D CoSeedis™ convinces through its innovative modularity that allows us to grow cells in 3D aggregates that normally wouldn’t do so. It either supports aggregation through its unique topography or by the ability to grow feeder cells in a physically separated, distant manner. When investigating the response rate of various tumour cells to radiation, the 3D CoSeedis™ System allows us the flexibility and statistics that we need in experiments.

Dr. Peter Frost
CEO and Owner of PeloBiotech GmbH, Germany

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