The biggest advantage of the 3D CoSeedis in chip communication technology™ is that it allows us to design and assemble micro-tissues ex vivo that are physiologically comparable to equivalent tissues found in patients. This is particularly relevant for tumor tissues since drug response of tumor cells can often only be understood in the context of a functional and physiologically accurate micro-environment.



The 3D CoSeedis humanized multi-organoid tumor models™ reflect multiple aspects characteristic for patient derived cancer tissue. Those include cellular tissue density, self-organization in various cell types or proliferating, quiescent and non-proliferating or necrotic zones, marker expression and others.


The unique characteristics of abc biopply’s 3D CoSeedis multi-organoid tumor models™ are reflected in the accurate, reliable, and reproducible predictions it delivers in drug response tests. It thereby offers the means for better clinical data sets with lower failure rates and better efficacy results.

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