28.06.2022 – WEBINAR: A Novel 3D High Throughput Co-culture System for Multiple Myeloma

In collaboration with the American Physiological Society (APS) and our American partner nanoscaleLABS, abc biopply is organizing a webinar on the use of 3D CoSeedis™ in high throughput ex vivo propagation of multiple myeloma cells. Dr Johannes Waldschmidt and Dr Andreas Thomsen from the University of Freiburg in Germany together with Dr Marco Leu from abc biopply will discuss the importance of reliable 3D preclinical disease models in accurate and predictive compound testing.

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09.12.2021 - Making 3D cell culture a part of HTS standard applications

abc biopply and SEED Bioscienses have recently started to co-develop an inovative new method to make 3D cell cultures assessible for HTS applications. In this collaboration, abc biopply provides highly homogenous and uniform 3D cultures in large quantities using its prorietary 3D CoSeedis™ platform whereas SEED Bioscienses uses its DISPENCELL technology to disperse them into HTS compatible multi-well plates.

Finally, HTS users will gain access to a reliable source of high quality 3D cultures in sufficient quantities to reach unprecedented efficacy in HTS of 3D cultures.

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