Service Packages

Service Packages – predicting drug functionality and efficacy: accurate, reliable and fast

abc biopply’s service packages bundle all relevant data sets in drug development in comprehensive and conclusive assay sets that enable relevant, accurate and reliable predictions of drug efficacy, toxicology and potential drug resistance. Highly validated assays and protocols have streamlined the experimental process and consequently shortened the time to result. Our comprehensive portfolio of service packages includes:


  • Rapid Drug Efficacy Check – covers IC50 determinations and dose response studies
  • Target Validation Package – covers IC50 determinations and target tissue drug penetration studies
  • Drug Safety Package – covers IC50 determinations and off-target toxicity studies
  • Drug Resistance Check – covers IC50  determinations and long term efficacy studies
  • Personalized Efficacy Package – covers IC50  determinations and dose response studies on PDCs
  • Personalized Toxicity Target and off-Target Package – covers IC50  determination, dose response and off-target toxicity studies on PDCs
  • Pathway Analysis Package – covers IC50  determination and pathway dissection studies
  • Drug Response Package  – covers IC50 determination, dose response and clonal response studies
  • Cell Viability Package – covers IC50  determination, dose response and cell survival studies


Furthermore, abc biopply also offers custom-tailored assay development services should the packages listed above not cover your requirements.
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