Dedicated to improve the efficacy of current drug development and to facilitate and speed up the transition of pre-clinical to clinical test phases, abc biopply is at the forefront of complex humanized 3D cell culture technologies. With abc biopply’s 3D CoSeedis multi-organoid in chip communication technology™, we focused on the development of physiologically relevant disease models and corresponding read-outs and assays, predominantly in the area of oncology and neurobiology.

All our service packages and assays are characterized by their standardized workflows, validated protocols, and cutting-edge predictive power. By offering innovative solutions optimized for these areas, we bring drug development programs to a new level, where potential drug candidates can be identified fast and with a high probability to succeed in subsequent clinical tests.

Furthermore, the physiological relevance of the 3D CoSeedis humanized multi-organoid models™ also helps scientist to further their understanding of general disease mechanisms and consequently identify potential new drug targets.

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