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  • Easy mass production of homogenous and uniform 3D spheroids for high-throughput screening applications
    Marco P. Leu et al., 2020   Read it in our Info Centre


  • A binary approach to the colony forming assay: reliable and reproducible read-outs using the 3D CoSeedis™ Cologny Forming in chip Assay
    Marco P. Leu et al., 2019   Read it in our Info Centre


  • Pushing boundaries of preclinical modeling through new type of long-term cultivation of organoids – A case study for cancer drug resistance assessment
    Evrova Arcadu et al. 2023   Find it in our Info Center

  • Opening new horizons in humanizing preclinical multi-organoid disease models with the 3D CoSeedis in chip communication technology™
    Evrova Arcadu et al. 2023   Find it in our Info Center

  • De-risking drug development – a novel in chip technology to implement cyclic feedback interfaces between drug discovery and drug development
    Leu et al. 2022   Find it in our Info Center


  • A novel 3D microwell array for the analysis of adhesion independent micro-tumours
    Thomsen et al. 2018   Find it in our Info Center


  • Modelling gastrointestinal cancer cell interaction with tumor stroma in a 3D microwell array
    Thomsen et al. 2015   Find it in our Info Center


  • Mimicking the myeloma niche: a 3D bone-derived co-culture system to selectively assess bystander BMSCs and to perform high-throughput drug screening in multiple myeloma
    Waldschmidt et al. 2015  Find it in our Info Center

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  • 29.06.2023 Webinar - Multi-organoid in chip technology – Powerful predictive 3D models through improved statistics and enhanced physiological accuracy
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  • 05.04.2023 Webinar - Accurate preclinical disease models that increase predictiveness and reduce animal testing using the proprietary 3D cell culture platform 3D CoSeedis™
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