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26.11.2018 - Partnership with AnaPath

26.11.2018 - Partnership with AnaPath

News image publication Thomsenabc biopply has developed a standardised way to conveniently embed 3D cell aggregates grown in the 3D CoSeedis™ matrix in paraffin for immunological analysis. The method has extensively been validated and allows microtome sections without the hassle to handle individual 3D organoids, spheroids, or other aggregates. For detailed information, refer to the publication from A. Thomsen et al.: Read publication

In this context, abc biopply has recently also started a partnership with AnaPath, an independent, privately owned Swiss based contract laboratory specialised in histological services. AnaPath is an expert in paraffin sectioning of numerous different tissues and specimen and is familiar with the 3D CoSeedis™ technology. AnaPath is therefore a competent partner to help you with the analysis of your 3D cell structures:

AnaPath Services
+41 61 906 40 00


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