3D CoSeedis humanized multi-organoid Models™

Opening new horizons in humanizing preclinical multi-organoid disease models with the 3D CoSeedis in chip communication technology™

abc biopply’s 3D CoSeedis humanized multi-organoid models™ free preclinical models from non-human components whenever possible.

Conventional cellular or animal disease models have shown that the predictability of patient response to treatment is severely limited. Great efforts have been made to humanize mouse models to better predict certain aspects of human physiology and immunology. The abc biopply team has made a significant breakthrough in humanizing upstream 3D cell models through the revolutionary and proprietary 3D CoSeedis in chip communication technology™. Providing optimized physiological growth conditions and unique ways of intercellular communication, our modular models are freed from non-human components whenever possible. They allow us to mimic and maintain specific organs and tissues in culture for long periods of time. Thus, we successfully bridge the translational gap with unparalleled physiological responses and unique statistical predictive power.

Discover Our 3D CoSeedis humanized multi-organoid Models™, revolutionizing drug discovery with enhanced predictability, accelerated research, and transformative insights. Elevate your understanding of complex interactions, assess drug efficacy and toxicity, and identify promising compounds with our cutting-edge models.

  • 3D CoSeedis™ Standard Model for Drug Discovery and Development:
    Experience the gold standard in multi-organoid models. Our 3D CoSeedis™ Standard Model offers a robust and reliable platform for investigating drug efficacy, toxicity, and other crucial parameters. Harness the power of this model to streamline your research processes and improve the success rate of your drug development programs.

  • 3D CoSeedis™ Plugin Adaptive Micro-environment:
    Take your research to the next level with our Plugin Adaptive Micro-environment. This innovative feature enables you to recreate and simulate specific physiological conditions within the multi-organoid system, allowing for more accurate representation and prediction of in vivo responses. Explore the dynamic interplay between cells, microenvironment, and drug effects with unparalleled precision.

  • 3D CoSeedis™ Plugin Organ-to-Organ Communication (Complex Co-culture):
    Uncover the complexity of organ-to-organ communication with our Plugin Organ-to-Organ Communication model. This cutting-edge co-culture system enables the simulation of intricate cellular interactions between multiple organoids, replicating the interconnectivity found in the human body. Gain insights into systemic responses, disease progression, and treatment efficacy in a more physiologically relevant context.

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