3D CoSeedis in chip communication technology™

Growth-promoting cavities combined with unlimited diffusion capabilities

The unique features of abc biopply’s proprietary 3D CoSeedis™ chips build the platform of our modular 3D CoSeedis in chip communication technology™ which combines optimal growth-promoting cavities with unique permeability of the supporting agarose matrix. The technology allows even the examination of cells that do normally not form 3D structures. At the same time, the unique permeability enables optimal feeding by providing equal amounts of nutrients to all cells. It eliminates the formation of gradients and therefore ensures unique and uniform tissue formation without unwanted differentiation. The matrix provides unlimited diffusion of small molecules and all factors, plasma and serum proteins. In this way, our proprietary technology not only guarantees a most functional architecture of the test cells but also makes your results incomparably physiologically relevant.


Revolutionizing the interactive cell-to-cell and organ-to-organ communication

In addition, the 3D CoSeedis in chip communication technology™ grant the ability to design, build and analyze highly complex co-culture systems that reflect and mimic the in vivo interaction of various tissues and organs. The system allows you to study cell-to-cell communication (1) and interaction (2), either in contact or distance co-cultures. Likewise, we can build organ-to-organ communication systems (3) and therefore address complex biological interactions such as cytokine storm and others (4).

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