Analysis Tool

The following Excel templates for 3D CoSeedis™ assist in accurate cell seeding and facilitate volumetric analysis of 3D aggregates.


Cell Seeding Dilutions

This spread sheet assists in proper cell seeding. It calculates the required amount of cells/ml to achieve any desired number of cells per microwell (cpm).

Follow the instructions in the light blue box on the right.



Volumetric Analysis of Cell Aggregates

This spread sheet offers a template for the volumetric analysis of 3D aggregates. It distinguishes between spheroidal and conical cell growth. Mean values (including standard deviation) of individual aggregate volumes are displayed in a line graph.



Colony Forming Assay

This spread sheet facilitates the analysis of the colony forming assay. For protocol and details in the statistical analysis, please refer to the publication by M.P. Leu. et al. and application note.



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