Harvesting 3D constructs from 3D CoSeedis™

The following short movie shows how efficiently and easy 3D constructs can be harvested from the 3D CoSeedis™ chip. A few simple steps allow the collection of up to 880 fully viable constructs per chip for downstream applications (e. g. DNA, RNA, protein extractions, whole mount staining, replating, etc.).

Chip Transfer 3D CoSeedis™

The following tutorial shows the transfer of a 3D CoSeedis™ chip from one well to another. It is shown in both, the 6-well and the 24-well plate.

This easy procedure is used:

1.) After initial seeding of matrices
2.) In feeder co-culture experiments
3.) Media change or washing steps (optional)

For more details, also consult our details protocols.

Seeding cells in 3D CoSeedis™

abc biopply’s latest tutorial shows how to seed cells into both, the 6-well and the 24-well format of 3D CoSeedis™. 

abc biopply also provides a calculation tool to make cell dilutions easy and fast. It can be downloaded for free here.

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